English TENSES (काल) is primary skill to be developed for better communication skills and success in career. Also learn Essential Grammars such as Noun, Pronoun, Verbs, prepositions, helping verbs, Use of Articles (a, an, the), Use of Temporal (about, yet, till etc) and many more.

There are 3 Tense in English as below.

  1. Present Tense - Go         [ I go - मैं जाता हूँ ]

  2. Past Tense       - Went     [ I went  - मैं गया ]

  3. Future Tense   - Will Go  [ I will go  - मैं जाउंगा ]

There are 4 Forms in each tense as below.


Present Tense (हुआ हे, हुई हे, हुए हे ) 

Simple Present (Verb 1st)- Do/Does  - (ता हे, ती है, ते हे, ता हूँ )

  • She goes ( वह जाती है )

Present Continuous (Verb 1st + ing) - Is/Am/Are - (रहा है, रही है, रहे है, रहा हूँ )

  • I am going to USA (मैं यूएसए जा रहा हूं)

Present Perfect (Verb 3rd) - has/have - (चूका है, चुकी है, चुके है, चूका हूँ)

  • I have come to Delhi (मैं दिल्ली आ गया हूं )

Present Perfect Continuous (Verb 1st + ing) - has/have been -  (रहा होगा, रही होगी, रहे होंगे + Time (समय अबोधे))

I have been writing this answer since 30 minutes (मैं 30 मिनट से यह जवाब लिख रहा हूं)

Noun -

Its a name of the Person, Place, Animal, Thing, idea, feeling etc.

Example - Ram is a good boy.  [ Ram is noun in this sentence ]


Pronoun -

Something which take place of noun.

Example - He is a good boy. [ He is pronoun in this sentence ]


Verb - 

Verb is an action i.e it defined action.

Example - Run, Come, Go, Eat, Sit, Read etc.