You will be learning some important TECHNIQUES for better pronunciation which will help you to develop communication skills. Also practice 'AW' sound, the 'VE' rule, Stretching Lips, Open mouth, Syllables words to speak correct English and avoid Common Mistake.

Rule 1 - Alphabet 'A' individually available in any of the sentences is always pronounced as (अ).

वर्णमाला 'A' व्यक्तिगत रूप से किसी भी वाक्य में उपलब्ध है तो  हमेशा 'अ' के रूप में उच्चारित होती है।


  • I want to buy a/(अ) car.
  • I have a/(अ) good Friend.
  • I always received a/(अ) phone call from an unknown number.
  • I have a/(अ) gift for your brother.
  • Have a/(अ) nice day.


Note - Practice these sentences loudly and make a habit to speak अ for the next couple of weeks. You will see the results and we are sure that you will always pronounce 'a' as अ.


Rule No 2.  Any name of the place end with ‘LAND’ is always pronounced as ‘LEND’.

स्थान का कोई भी नाम LAND के साथ समाप्त होता है, हमेशा LEND के रूप में उच्चारित किया जाता है।

Example - 

  • Thailand is pronounced as 'Thai-lend'.

         Thailand is the world's 50th largest country by total area.


  • Switzerland is pronounced as "Switzer-lend".

         Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country.


  • England is pronounced as "Eng-Lend".

         I have a very good friend in England.


Syllables Practices-

  • Ca-pa-bility -  Pronounced as {k-pay-bi-li-ty} [के-पे-बिलिट]

         Ex. You have the capability of doing this job well.

  • Directions - Pronounced as { D-rec-tions} [डी-रेक-सन }

         Ex. The government is taking a new direction

  • Parents - Pronounced as {pay-rents} [पे-रेन्ट्स]

         Ex. My parents are going to Tirupathi next week.

  • Adjust - Pronounced as {ed-just} [ एड-जस्ट ]

        Ex. He needed time to adjust to this environment.


'AW' Sound - Jaw drop down and Lips comes closer. 

This rule will help to eliminate mother tongue influence (MTI) and first language influence (FTI) 

  • Equality:  Pronounced as [E-quaw-lity]


        1. All people have the right to equality of opportunity.

        2. Women have yet to achieve full equality with men in the workplace.

        3.Don't you believe in equality between men and women?

  • Population : Pronounced as [Paw-pue-lay-shan]


          1. Most of the population lived on the streets

          2. The population of the world is increasing very fast.

          3. The population of this city is decreasing every year.