In this session, You will be learning some important KEY POINTS which will help you to develop your interpersonal skills. The key points are Body Language, How to Greet,  First Impression, Confident Management, Overcome Shyness, Public Speaking Tips, Soft Skills attitude development etc.


How to stand Professionally ? [ Key Points in Body Language ]

  • Don't slouch [Sitting or Standing in a lazy manner] (थपकी मत दो)
  • Your Legs should be in number 11 position ( पैर 11 स्थिति में होना है)
  • Always display a Smile (एक मुस्कान प्रदर्शित करें) etc

How to Greet the Audience ? (Key points in Greetings) ( दर्शकों का अभिवादन कैसे करें )

1. Always start with Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening etc depends upon your Greeting time.

  • Good Morning to Everyone (Inappropriate)  [ 'to' is not required in this sentence ].
  • Good Morning Everyone (Appropriate)

         Good Morning Timing - 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM


2. Make Your EYE contact before greeting and many more.