Q: Why do we need good and correct English?

A: Nowadays, English is the most widely spoken and written language around the world. Speaking/Writing good English gives Winning Advantages.

  • Good English gives better and more job opportunities, a higher salary.
  • Businesses also need employees who can communicate effortlessly with English-speaking partners and clients.
  • English is spoken as a first or second language in so many different countries, it is always easy to find English speakers as well as printed information in English, especially at hotels and in areas frequented by tourists.

Q: Why should I sign up with Communicationschool.in?

A: If you are a business professional, student or a housewife without a good command over the English language, you could face problems in your personal or professional life. Knowing English also helps in building your confidence. CommunicationSchool.in Online Course will help you to achieve that goal.

This online course is a complete package. In this course, you can learn some Important Communication Rules, Pronunciation Techniques, Interpersonal skills, Interview tips, Effective Email Writing strategies including Tense and essential Grammar. Also practices some conversation using words and sentences related to some important topics that helps to improve communication skills.

Q: What’s your return policy?

A: Just send us an email with your order number within THREE days and we will return your money. NO QUESTIONS ASKED, SUPER SIMPLE.

Q: Why should I spend some money since I can get that information from the internet for FREE?

A: Well. Everyone knows, everything is available on the internet. However, how to get that information are important which is mostly impossible otherwise student could have clear UPSC, Medical Examination, etc without proper training. This online course provides some rules and pronunciation technique which are not available on the internet.

Q: What are the courses I can learn after signup?

A: You get access to all SEVEN topics available in this course.

Q: How can I track my orders and payments?

A: After logging into your account, the status of your checkout history can be found under Order History. You will also receive an email with more details.